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Bob Kinder

Veteran’s Affairs & National Security

Bob Kinder is an executive coach, public speaker, investment banker and security specialist extraordinaire. He has over 30 years of experience in crisis management in organizations as diverse as our Nation’s most elite Counterterrorism forces to Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Bob works as Managing Director of Aerospace, Defense & Security at G2 Capital Advisors.

Bob is the author of the document directing the training requirements for the 130,000+, multi-national team in Afghanistan. He has written and co-written many articles that have been published in newspapers and journals nationwide to include: the Boston Globe, New York Daily News, Atlantic, the Harvard Gazette and the Harvard Kennedy School Review. A sought after speaker, Bob is a regular analyst on television and radio stations such as NPR, and Fox News Radio, where he provides expert commentary on America’s national security issues and Veteran’s affairs.

As current managing director for Aerospace, Defense & Security at G2 Capital Advisors, Bob is responsible for all mergers and acquisitions activity, financial advisory, strategic planning, as well as operations and organizational development in existing and emerging companies within the aerospace and defense security industries.

Bob’s experience as a strategic planner has given him the keen ability to identify, dissect, and resolve complicated management and organizational leadership problems involving cross-cultural organizations. He has directed and led a headquarters staff and four widely-dispersed teams in a $72M, high-profile project supporting our Nation’s most sensitive security issues in Afghanistan.

Bob joined the military after the failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran in April 1980, called “Operation Eagle Claw”. 6 years later, Bob was in the same unit that attempted the rescue. He was a special operator in our counter-terrorism forces for two decades, and although he is no longer on the tip of the spear, he now works to support those companies that are supporting our troops and veterans.

As a 24 year veteran, he has a great network throughout the defense and private sectors as well as a deep understanding of offering support to our defense and security.

Bob Kinder routinely travels to Washington, D.C. and wherever the aerospace and defense industries are prevalent. Veteran’s affairs have always been very important to Bob and he spends a lot of his time speaking to numerous venues on the behalf of veterans. Because Bob returned home without injuries and was able to take advantage of the GI Bill to attend Harvard Kennedy School for a graduate degree, he feels it is his responsibility to be an ambassador for Veterans in the civilian community. In that role, he tries to educate civilians on Veteran’s extraordinary service and sacrifices and talks a lot about how we owe our Veterans a debt of gratitude and support during their transition to civilian life.

Bob is also a member of many different boards that give back to and support the veteran community including the Advisory Committee for the William James College Military Veteran Psychology Program. He is also a member of the Red, White and Blue Advisory Board for the Red Sox Foundation/Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program who provides clinical care and support services to Iraq and Afghanistan service members, veterans, and their families throughout New England. They also offer clinical and community education about the “invisible wounds of war,” and the challenges of military families. Bob is a Director on the board at the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) New England Chapter. NDIA New England is the regional arm of the National Defense Industrial Association, the nation’s leading defense industry association in providing a forum for the exchange of information between industry and government on national security issues.

Bob Kinder was also the project manager to create the New England TechVets website, a jobs platform to bring together employers with job-seeking veterans.

In his free time, Bob loves to spend time outdoors. He is fascinated with the wilderness and has a particular fondness for the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid fly fisherman, who really enjoys long distance hiking and camping.

Bob is passionate about giving back to the veteran community and teaching others about Veteran’s affairs. He enjoys speaking to executives in the business community about his experiences in special operations and relate how the lessons he learned can assist companies and organizations as they strive to achieve success.